Custom Items

To order a custom pair of Vans, Hey Dudes, Converse, rope cans or painted leather earrings, please message @brandedbybsm on Instagram. BSM will give you prices and the run down from there. Please read the following statement before sending your items to BSM.

Shoes Agreement

By sending my shoes to BSM, I am agreeing to the following:

All Vans MUST have your first and last name on the shipping label OR your Instagram handle.
Checkered, colored or patterned Vans will not be accepted as they cannot be painted on.
The only Vans that can be painted are WHITE. (If you have a colored pair of Vans, please ask about it before shipping.)
Input on what will go on the Vans is appreciated. Clear and concise ideas work best. Please keep in mind they are art and art is interpretive.
Shoes cannot be redone once they are painted as every effort is made to ensure each design is approved before painting begins.
After Vans are completed, invoices are expected to be paid in a timely manner through PayPal or Venmo - one week max after completion.
Additional fees may be added for shoes not paid for in the time frame.
If using PayPal, your mailing address must be current - please check this.
Vans normally take around 4 weeks, give or take a few days either way. There are always exceptions, but these are HAND PAINTED and take time. BSM is just one person behind the brand and does her best to get them done quickly and as perfectly as possible.
BSM answers hundreds of messages a day and tries her best to get back to everyone - please do not spam her with multiple messages as this lengthens the response time. It will not speed up the painting process. Shoes are painted in the order they are received. Sending BSM a message to check in on your shoes is fine, but please keep messages to a minimum unless it is an urgent matter.